Spooky street in Oslo

06:30 am, enjoying the early, misty morning silence on my way to work. The picture is taken with caffeine-abstinence-shaking hand just outside Saga kino, a movie theatre in Oslo.


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  1. Cyak on November 19th, 2014 5:52 pm

    I’m with you on disliking Lena – I live in Germany and get to see her a lot on TV, and I find her arifiictal, glib and frankly irritating. Some people find her natural and charming, which absolutely baffles me. Everything she does comes over as an act to me.But what is it about her entourage that you took such a dislike to? Is Stefan Raab as obnoxious as he seems? In which case, I fear for the presentation this year. I suspect he sees it as The Stefan Raab Show with additional songs from around Europe. I wouldn’t even put it past him to make snide comments on the songs he doesn’t like.btw, I think this year’s german song is great, but it’s (fortunately) not a winner . . . Would be inerested to hear your views, Keith.

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