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Rise and shine

Morning view from my kitchen window.

Holiday coming up, and still deep snow in the mountains. The skis won´t be stowed away yet…

Spring is coming to Oslo

Akershus fortress, Oslo. Picture is taken with my cell-phone from the ferry on my way home from work yesterday afternoon.

In a very few weeks, the outside restaurants on the dock will be swarmed with smiling sunglasses, shrimps and cold beer, and the trees will have recovered their green self.

And my nose will itch…

On top

Some days are “Yuppie- days”.

What is a “Yuppie-day”?

A “Yuppie-day” would be just like another working-day, with working-tasks, had it not been for the additional elements of formality, i.e. dark suit, white shirt, tie, black socks without holes, tidy manicure, water-combed hair, briefcase, polished shoes, polished smile and maybe a plane ticket.

In other words: Executive look. Sharp dressed. Cool. Important. Man of the world.

The morning turns out to be a bit more busy than normal.

Daddy needs to shave (no rough “dirty-look” today), button the shirt (carefully ironed the previous night) and windsor the tie in front of the mirror. Un-windsor it and unbutton the shirt after an enthusiastic bear-hug from a raspberryjam-sticky, affectionate five-year old. Turbo-iron a clean shirt, button it and windsor the tie while rushing past the mirror.

Five-year old clean, dressed and ready with lunch-box and bobby-pin, giving daddy an indulgent look. Rushing out the door. Rushing back in to check the iron. It’s off. Hit the road to kindergarten.

Five-year old safe in kindergarten. Hug. Wave. – Check.


Well seated in the Airport Express Train. Double cortado, Stan Getz on the iPod, a last glance at the papers.

A sense of acknowledgement and even some discreet smiles from other travellers.

Executive look. Sharp dressed. Cool. Important. Man of the world.

Security check at the airport. As I carefully fold my jacket into a plastic box, I notice.

Just under the collar, hanging down the back like a merry streamer. A pair of panties, evidently used, butterside out, size five years, white and red with motif “Bamse, the strongest bear in the world“.

Displayed on my suit the whole morning to the obvious amusement for the public.

A useful reminder of the things that count.

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Spooky street in Oslo

06:30 am, enjoying the early, misty morning silence on my way to work. The picture is taken with caffeine-abstinence-shaking hand just outside Saga kino, a movie theatre in Oslo.

Six degrees of separation

Most of us are probably not more than 3-5 handshakes away from the President of the United States. According to the latest popularity polls, it seems that most of us prefer to keep him at least that many handshakes away in the future also. Well, that´s not the point here.

Given the fact that we are all linked together via just a few contacts and aquaintances, all inhabitants of the global village are practically just around the corner. Maybe.

satoshiIs it possible to locate a man, given only his photograph and first name? A UK games company is testing the power of the Internet by asking that very question; they have recruited one of Earth’s 6 billion residents – a man named Satoshi – to participate in this experiment. We are each only five to seven people away from any target in the world. Someone, somewhere, knows Satoshi – so we must track these people, and thus Satoshi, down using word-of-mouth communication. People from over 80 countries are already participating in the hunt, with more joining every day.

Click here for more info.

By the way, I wonder if CIA has tried this method to find Osama…

Hi there!

Not much happening here right now. The building is up, but there is still some plumbing and interior stuff to be done. Please check again in a while!

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So long!